How It Works

Redefining Primary Healthcare

iOnlineDoctor is an online mobile friendly application that offers Video Calling platform. Face to face consultation strengthens rapport and establishes comfort between you and your Physician. iOnlineDoctor is a perfect balance between ease of access and protecting your privacy. Our application can be used on Smart phone, Tablet, PCs under wireless environment.

Second Opinion

We are budding to minimize the healthcare obstacle. Getting Second Opinion from International Doctors is simpler and accessible with us. iOnlineDoctor now brings the distant Doctor on other side of the screen and recreates an atmosphere of face to face communication with minimal expense and broader reach. Distance is no longer a barrier for healthcare information exchange with iOnlineDoctor.

5 simple steps to meet a Doctor

Step 1: Login
Step 2: Select a plan
Step 3: Book appointment / Live Call
Step 4: Enter your Symptoms
Step 5: Make the payment