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When should a patient consider a knee replacement surgery?

Severe pain in knee mostly at night.

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Dr Uday Nath Sahoo

Family Physician

knee pain can be due to many pathological causes and to confirm diagnosis do a clinical examination by your local Doctor and do few investigations like (CBC with differential and x-ray) and only in osteoarthritis you will need replacement of knee if no improvement in conservative treatment. hope that helps.
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Dr Chirag Kapoor


A patient should consider a knee replacement if the activities of daily living are altered and even after taking all the conservative treatments like oral pain killers, injections, physical therapy, the patient has no relief from pain. Additionally, imaging tests like X-rays and MRI should demonstrate an arthritic knee joint before proceeding for the surgery.
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Krittibus Samui


Knee replacement surgery is advised only case of gross osteoarthritis. In such cases when conservative measure fail, surgery remains only option. I suggest you to check Blood Vitamin D level and do X-ray Knee AP and lateral view in addition to routine investigation.