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Marc Bradley Hunsberger Jr
what is wrong with my knee?

so I was running and I injured my left knee. I can not stand on the left leg by itself without it slowly losing strength and giving out, when the join is contracted or extended(sitting,standing up, walking) there is pain and discomfort. there is mild swelling and my mom thinks I just pulled a muscle but Im not sure so I wanted to check and see if anyone knew.

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Dr Aishwarya Mahajan


hey there... you might have torn a tendon if it pains or could be inflammation at the injured site. get it diagnosed through proper investigation.
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Dr Usha N


First go with proper investigations x ray and USG For time being before investigations done u can start treatment for pain for this You can also consult me directly by clicking on the "Consult" icon below my reply
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Dr D K Singh


It might be due to thin hair line fractures of torned out ligaments or tendons. You are advised to get X Ray done of your affected knee. If yoj wiah you can consult me right away by clicking Consult button just below my reply.
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Chirag Dhirendrakumar Patel


you may have damaged your ligament or meniscus in knee should consult orthopedic surgeon.get done x ray of knee and MRI of knee if required.