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want to whiten my teeth

I have yellow teeth or I want to whiten my teeth?

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Purva Jingar


Cleaning is required. Once get teeth cleaned by a nearby dentist and then maintain oral hygiene by brushing twice daily and use dental floss.
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Dr Vidhi Joshi


u can apply turmeric powder with salt on teeth and brush with them twice in a day. withine few days u will see the improvements.
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Dr Nensi Vaibhav Gandhi


use proper tooth paste which have salt content added
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Krittibus Samui


After end of feeding, take water in mouth and spit out. This is must additional to all things
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Dr D K Singh


Dear! Discolouration of teeth is due to bad bowel moments. You must have to maintain your gut flora so that your teeth doesnt get stains. Healthy diet and a good paste is required. You can use neem sticks to brush your teeth. For more information you can book an appointment.