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Throat dripping sensation when I go to sleep

Hi Im wondering if you can help me. I currently am coughing a huge amount (sometimes all night) when I go to sleep. When I lay down I can feel a dripping sensation of mucus going down my throat causing me to constantly cough. This can last for hours at a time and only stops briefly if I breathe through an open mouth. I also tend to cough huge amounts after eating a large meal. Ive had a look online and it suggests I might have post nasal drip? Ive tried raising my pillow or sitting upright to no avail. Also Im not having any heartburn that I know of. The only thing I can think that could have contributed, is that I broke my nose playing football over ten years ago and had my nose reset. Please could you let me know your thoughts and if there is anything in the UK I could take over the counter to help? Kind regards Paul

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Dr D K Singh


r patient, dont be depressed, we are here to listen you. can you please tell me what medications you are already taking for the same, so that I can suggest you the effective treatment
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ya its curable with herbal medicine without any side effects kindly consult with me