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swelling in left leg

massive pain vessels bulging ca nnot stand up without great pain

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Atul Manikrao Bhasme

Internal Medicine

Its mostly varicose vein with cellulitis u need to consult immediately at hospital.Delay can lead to complications.
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Hi sir this is no doubt Vericose veins problem. The best treatment i can suggest you sir is Ayurvedic treatment Sira Vyadha(Vein blood drainage) Find a good Ayurvedic panchakarma Hospital near you and do this treatment for best results.
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Dr Piyush Malav

Family Physician

It may be varicose veins, if vessels are dilated n tortuous, may be superficial thrombophebitis may be something else, you can consult me online, n you have to do colour doppler of that limb if it is not varicose... Keep in touch