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Awais Ali Khan
Skin Issue

I am having a skin issue since 3 months on last three fingers of my left foot.

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Dr Usha N


For skin lesions we can't advise anything without seeing the lesions and without much history Please consult dermatologist Or You can also consult me directly by clicking on the "Consult" icon below my reply
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Dr D K Singh


For skin lesions you can use certain ointments but I would suggest you to consult specialist before taking any medications because skin lesions may be of various types and their reasons may also vary. If you wish you can right away consult with me by clicking Consult now button under message.
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Krittibus Samui


Hello, Mr Khan, doctors will need information in detail about your problem like how it is started, how it is progressing, any bleeding or pus from area, colour of this lesion at beginning and at present, painful or not, any other systemic symptom or not etc etc. So, a detail information will help to diagnose the lesion