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should eating date in first three month of pregnancy is best?

my wife is 10 weeks pregnant she is always doing vomiting after eating anything.

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Nausheen Shaikh


yes, Dates are rich in Iron, fiber & other vital nutrients. She can eat dates no issues & side effects. stay healthy !!
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Dr Usha N


Yes she can eat dates and other dry fruits No problem And getting vomiting is common in pregnancy U have to take tab doxinate plus daily early morning on empty stomach for vomiting If not subsided consult gynaecologist
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Dr Ankur Barua

Family Physician

you can instruct her to take two ripe bananas, six dates and one pomegranate either 1 hr before breakfast or in between two meals everyday
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Dr Sameer Kumar

Obstetrics and gynecology

Hello, Firstly dates are not going to control.vomiting so vomiting needs to be controlled first with antiemetics like tab doxinate. Then she can eat whatever she likes and dates are no exception unless her sugar levels are high.