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Shortness of breath, chestpain

Hi. I have been experiencing shortness of breath for more than a month now. I have sudden chest pains, and shortness of breath even without doing physical activities.

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Dr Harsh Yogeshbhai Gajjar


give me your medical report like...ecg... blood report....I will help you....just click on the consult icon... during my business hours.. thank you
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Nausheen Shaikh


Hi, please check your B.P & Cholesterol tests. It generally might happen due to weight gain or Obesity issue. For proper guidance on healthy eating & Lifestyle changes, just click on consult icon below to connect call with me.
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Sudaiv Nagzarkar

General surgery

Whats your age? if elderly and having high B. P than this may indicate heart problem may be due to Left Ventricular failure or Myocardial Infraction.. Consider having Chest x ray and ECG done...
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Dr Namrata B Prajapati


hello user, first do Chest X Ray and ECG to rule out the condition. thereafter, you can do breathing exercises. other physiotherapy exercises are there to reduce your symptoms. just send me the reports with your detailed history. i may help you in that.