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Protein S?

i gaved birth in JAN 2019 i was 8 months pregnant sadly the baby was my 3rd pregnancy...11 months later which is November 2019 the gynecologist calls me to take a Blood test for Protein S (thrombosis) due to Blood test results in JAN ...Can anyone explain what that is?

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Dr Usha N


Different types of protein S deficiency are there and u have to take proper treatment for this May be genetic or acquired and some others Need further investigations and follow up for definitive diagnosis in higher centres U can book my appointment I can upload few documents regarding this .. U can consult me by clicking on the consult icon below
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Dr Aniket Mohite

General hematology

hi candy i am a hematology consultant and i think we can discuss the issue in more detail i would suggest you to have video consultation and will try to help you out with the situation
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Family Physician

contact with me for full details. thank you
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Dr Om Narayan Singh


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