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Papia saha
pregnancy related issue

i m 6 weeks pregnant according to LMP. My beta hcg level was normal. and my usg shows 5weeks pregnancy in which sac appear bt without any fetal pole. i had spotting 2 days ago. bt last night there was slight bleeding more than spoting and felt like something clot like expelled through vagina. after that i had to use pad. bt in morning little blood was in the pad. and after that no bleeding occur. i have no pregnancy like symptom. sometimes slight pain in lower abdomen. i m confuse was that miscariage? what should be the probable cause? and what should i do right now?

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Dr Usha N


Ya most probably it's miscarriage only Better go for USG if no abnormalities/ no remnants then no problem if u have any symptoms and any remnants then consult doctor You can also consult me directly by clicking on the "Consult" icon below my reply
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Family Physician

contact with me for full details. thank you
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Dr Sunita Kothari


hello dear user this was a blighted ovum so abortion have started now you should go for Torch test and ultrasound to confirm and send me report so i will discuss in details.
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Dr Om Narayan Singh


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