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Piles problem

I have piles problem from 3 years, plz help me

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Dr Sohail

Family Physician

you have to change the dietary habits if u dont want the recurrence .if you cant change the dietary habits this problem will not go
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Dr D K Singh


Indigestion leads to this problem usually due to inconsistent evacuation of gut. We have a solution for that... If you wish you can consult me for your counselling and treatment by clicking Consult button just below my reply.
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Pushplata Dumbre


need to take high fiber diet with proper intake of oil & water.usaually daily more than 15 gm fiber gives you better results. you can consult for diet.
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Dr Parthik Dadhaniya

General surgery

Do Hot sitz bath( take a broad vessel with warm water and sit inside for 15-20mins) two times a day, Afterthat apply some local ointment (e.g, Annovate ointment two times) Take plenty of liquids orally, high fiber diet( take 2tsf ishabghul everyday at bedtime with glass of water)