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Pain in right hand.

Hello doctor, My mother is having paining in right hand from a long time. She is diabetes and heart patient. She consult the doctor but doctor gives some medicine to eat but after eating medicine the pain got relief for sometime. My mother doesnt sleep well dudue to pain in right hand. please doctor give medicine so that she get well soon.

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Dr Ashok Bhatia

Family Physician

how much diabetes is fasting blood sugar and post lunch and what about ECG kindly report so that I can guide you properly
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Hitesh Bardania


first of all tell about age .this pain is related with heart problem or peripheral nerupathy pain .tell also fasting blood sugar level and post prandial sugar level. consult cardiologist and daibetologist for further proper treatment.
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Jignesh Thacker

Orthopedic surgery

you can consult dr jignesh Thacker orthopedic surgeon
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Dr Om Narayan Singh


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