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lose motion

my child lose motion and pain .flue recommend madicen

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Dr Kalpesh A Suthar


Give detail about loose motion and type of pain so able to advise proper medicine which give quick result for that consult me and click the below button
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Arun Kaushik R


Hi, your child needs to be examined. To check if the cause is infection . Then treat him based on the cause
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Dr Ankur Barua

Family Physician

you can give the following: tab. Zincovit 1-0-0 x 30days (1hr before breakfast) tab. Gasex (Himalaya) 2-2-2 x 30days (after breakfast, after lunch, after dinner) tab. Diarex 1-0-0 x 5days (after passing stool in the morning) tab. Drotin-M 1tab SOS for abdominal pain (after food) ORS or Electrol or Green Coconut Water or Rice Water in sips as often as possible. Total daily fluid intake to be maintained at 2.5litres