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I feel depressed and anxious all the time, and I am suffering in breathing.

I am depressed all the time, feel anxious for evverytuing. I feel lonely and like nobody likes me. but.. what can I do?! I dont think I deserve anything in life... duh. I also feel over weighed, like I am about to explode but people say I am not that fat, they say I am normal or even lower than that.. they lie, girls mood yk.

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Jaideep Gaver


Dear sir, Good day, I m dr jaideep, For the past 10 years, I have resolved to long term wellness of my patients. I like to synergize my medical expertise with highest quality patient-centric care and latest medical techniques at Moolchand to give my patients nothing but the best. My forte is management of multisystem complex and difficult to diagnose conditions. Committed to providing one on one care, I use my extensive work experience and knowledge to develop individualized treatment plans, broaden my patients understanding of fitness and health. Patients who come to me develop a strong doctor-patient relationship. Do you have any blood investigations or other records?.r u diabetic? Do you have any fever? Any mri or xray scans?have you sustained any injury? Dear sir, needs proper history and clinical discussion ,please consult directly from ionlinedoctor Thanks and regards
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Pushplata Dumbre


Hi , myself Dietician Pushplata Dumbre practicing as a clinical dietitian since last 20 yrs. try to avoid sweets & sugar. eat more fruits & curd. avoid starchy foods & refined foods also. you may have nutritional deficiency & stress talk to your friends. involve yourself in developing your hobbies. if you wan personal consultation kindly connect me online.
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Dr D K Singh


I think you must visit a psychotherapist.