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how can i stop overeating after i quit dieting ?

i was dieting for three months and a half i loss 19kg i stoped for 2 months and re diet for 10 days i know i just cant stop eating all the time even when i am not hungry without enjoying the food literally i eat everything l just feel like a dustbin... help me pleaaase!

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Dr D K Singh


Its ssatiety complex disorder which makes a person to have uncontrolled hunger for food. Let me help you if you wish.. You need psychotherapy as well as naturopathy treatment. You can book an appointment 8f you wish for your counselling and treatment. Regards Dr D K Singh Ayushman Healthcare
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Nausheen Shaikh


Most of the time a person does emotional eating due to stress, hormonal imbalance in the body. A healthy mind & healthy body can be achieved by proper diet & active lifestyle. You can click below consult icon to book a Consultation call with me.