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fatema ishrat
how can I get rid of rashes

hi,my friend abdulla,5 days ago he felt pain in his chest.then after morning he saw a red spot with small pimple type mark in his chest.the small pimple mark is filled with liquid and pain..after one day he saw anothes small type 2 or 3 mark at the side of the red spot and that also filled with liquid..he take ebastine..but that doesnt cure and he felt small pain in those spot..what should he do?

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Meeta Asnani

Homeopathic be herpis zostwr or it may be allergic..ifnpain is associated with severe nbirnkng and is.on one side then it may be herpes..consult dermatologist
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Jaideep Gaver


Hello sir, Needs proper history and clinical discussion, please consult directly from ionline doctor
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Dr Kalpesh A Suthar


Hello dear user my homoeopathic medicine will help in cure this problem do one thing you can consult me by pressing consult button and send me pic or discuss in video calling so treatment will become more effective
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Family Physician

did he had fever and muscle cramps with onset of rash ? please consult me for more details