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Sheikh Muzamil
high sgpt and sgo2

before 1 year my gallbladder was removed and my sgpt was 153 and sgo2 78 after taking medicene udliv300 and livomyn it gets normal now 3 days before i again do lft my sgpt was 90 and sgo2 44 i done usg hepatites fibroscan cbc all are normal plz tell me what to do

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Dr Usha N


Need some more information Age and alcoholic status And do u have any complaints now ? Above u mentioned SGPT -90 SGOT - 44 USG - hepatitis is it ? Mild elevation may be normal for u .. for few patients these may be normal .. if u don't have any complaints no need to take any treatment If u r alcoholic stop alcohol intake and then repeat test Is your USG shows hepatitis ? Then do u have tested for hepatitis B / C r these negative ? If negative no need to take any treatment You can also consult me directly by clicking on the "Consult" icon below my reply
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Dr D K Singh


Depending upon the difference in scores in SGOT and SGPT it may be of various etiology and conditions... Pls click on consult now button to have online Consultancy for prompt remedy
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Krittibus Samui


You need not be worry too much. I need to know your weight to check for BMI. If overweight is there, fatty liver has a possibility. If no overweight, then you can check blood viral markers for hepatitis. If they are also normal, you need not worry too much. Keep regular exercise at home