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Headache, one side of head

Only one side of my head hurts. It will start to hurt if I am exposed to broad daylight or anything that is too bright. I experienced also ringing on my ears. I dont know if its related to my poor eyesight but sometimes before I have this throbbing pain in my right or most of the time my left head including my right eye, I am having visions like colors lines or worst everything is blurred. I also experience feeling nauseous and vomit all the time my head hurts.

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Arun Kaushik R


Hi, see an ophthalmologist. Get an eye power test done. Then the headache is due to the eye.
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Harsh J Lakhani


your problem is treatable with homoeopathy. you can consult me by clicking consult online
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Dr Namrata B Prajapati


hello user. according to your symptoms there may be aquous related issue. you quickly consult Ophthalmologist.
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Dr Sunita Kothari


This might be due to cataract, so consult ophthalmologist