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Face rash

rash showing on my face. started as small spots and increasing with more reddish spots in the same area of my right cheek. Now spreading to other areas of my face. No pain and not itchy. Used to fade away sometimes then come back, but since a month its getting worse and not fading away anymore.

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Dr D K Singh


It mivht be due to some allergic reactions... You can consult me right away to short out your issues with your skin ailments. Just click on consult button now
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Krittibus Samui


Need to get adequate information specially age of onset of problem, character of lesion, clear picture. Rashes may be of different types and treatment is different. Review with Dermatologist for management
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Dr Aniket Mohite

General hematology

will need more information about the rash I could help you better if i know what kind of rash it is it would be better if u can update an image of it
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Dr Usha N


Most probably it could be acne also Age ? We can assess correctly if see directly You can also consult me directly by clicking on the "Consult" icon below my reply