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Eye is swelling and swelling not going down

My eye is sweling for the past 4 days i been putting hot compress but its not working and im having a little discharge in the morning.

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Dr D K Singh


of all pls try to understand that swelling its self is an inflammation and putting hot compression may lead to damage to eye nerves. Pls use Ice sponging for relief and moreover if its not working then you can book an online appointment with me for your prescription.
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Dr Hetal Kalani

Ophthalmologist / Eyes Care Specialist

what about ur vision ? u see clearly ? better u have an appointment
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Dr Jitendra Jethani

Pediatric Ophthalmologist

hi please post a picture is there any history of trauma, injury is the eye red too how about your vision anyone around you also have similiar complain please post a picture of the eye any self medication you have done apart from the warm compresses we could help you if you can post thos information regards
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Dr Om Narayan Singh


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