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Diagnosed with Normocytic Nomochromic and Mild Eosinophilia

Hi, Ive ttaken a CBC test yesterday and all test report is within its normal range except for eosinophils which is 13 % Im nnot sure what is that.

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Dr D K Singh


Sir it would be more better if you share your test reports.
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Dr Usha N


Do u have any dust allergy etc ? Or at present what complaints u have ? Mild eosinophilia may seen in cough and cold and dust allergy or any parasitic infections ( because of which u may get low Hb values too ) any insect bites ect So please mention ur complaints please And now if u have cough cold or other minor problems then repeat test after 1week Mostly it will be normal at that time So please mention ur complaints/ symptoms too U can comunicate me for further information Eosinophils are one of wbc cells normally they should be <6 % There are so may conditions in which they increase few of which I mentioned above If u don't have above mentioned symptoms u have to go for further work up or repeat test after 1week
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Krittibus Samui


You need to share symptoms and total WBC count report. If total WBC count is low and symptoms are transient, you need not be worried. If you give little more information, advice will be much better