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Amit Patel
Detect diabetic - 2 in age 25.

My wife just detected diabetic type - 2 in age 25, And she is taking TAB Glycomet SR(850), TAB Remo(100) twice in a day, After breakfast and dinner. Her average suger is 125 after taking these both medicines. want to know that should she continue these Medicines ? or is there any better alternative ?

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Internal Medicine

Type two diabetes is a life long disease .It needs control to prevent complications.One may be able to take care with diet and exercise and lifestyle changes but medication in most cases should be continued.If the sugar is on target in fasting and post lunch then one may be able to reduce the medication under medical advice please do continue the good control and enjoy good health . no one dies of diabetes but dies of uncontrolled diabetes so control is the key .Take Care
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Gaurav Kumar Chauhan

Family Physician

In diabetic patients generally we have to continue medicines for life long. Firstly Do HbA1c and it will tell 3month average sugar. But from past few years it has been seen that with proper diabetic diet and exercise one can reduce dose of medicines.
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Krittibus Samui


Type 2 diabetes is not common at this age. Type1 is more common. Still this information is not adequate. I need information about weight of your wife, family history of diabetes, whether she is pregnant or having baby or using oral contraceptive pills etc etc. Still do eye check up, urine examination, kidney function test -all once a yr and Blood HbA1C once in 3 month are recommended!! (With Thanks)
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Nausheen Shaikh


Hi Amit, your wife really needs a Qualified Dietitian to suggest her healthy Diet plan to control her blood sugar levels. Please book appointment with me so that I can check her Dietary habits & suggest Diet chart. All the best !!