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body pains & headache

my mother troubled with full body pains with headache.

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Meeta Asnani


advice for ur mother.. Do yoga and meditation Drink lots of water and juices Eat healthy and balanced diet. eat 2 different fruits daily avoid stress and have enough sleep. you can take homeopathic medicine Belladonna 200 (5drops) in half cup of water twice a day for 3 days. if you need any further help to call through ionline doctors .
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Dr Usha N


Since how many days and had body pains and age ? U can consult me directly by clicking consult icon below my reply
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Dr Sunita Kothari


it means she may have mild fever, give her Tab Lariago ds one tab daily for 5 days with milk, and tab Dolo 650 one tab twice a day for 5 days