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Kera Turner
Are there any doctors here willing to help take over my medication plan?

I have severe back issues. I have a surgery scheduled for end of August, but due to living rural and in another state from the surgeon, I have had difficulty getting to him to get the medicine I need. He has recommended a telemedicine doctor who can prescribe in my state until I get the surgery. Happy to provide all imaging, diagnosis's, records, and such, but looking through other's questions, it appears most doctors here wouldn't prescribe what my doctor has been prescribing me, and wants me to continue. I am bedridden and immobile, and I can't drive, sit or stand for very long, I am almost always in bed. I was in a very bad accident with severe injuries that they are finally going to operate on, I just need help with pain management until the surgery. Would anyone even consider medicinal relief, even temporarily?

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Dr Usha N


Please send me all your reports
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Family Physician

can you share reports
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Dr Namrata B Prajapati


hello kera. i think you must be having spine or cord issues. before that, you will have to share your reports here. brief assesment would be done. and after that management would be done. physiotherapy plays an important role in dealing with this along with pain. thus, contact me for further treatment. thank you
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Dr Om Narayan Singh


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