Yoga For Driver’s Neck – Posterior Neck Pain

Yoga For Driver’s Neck – Posterior Neck Pain

One part of our body that is endangered to minor injuries and repeated stress is our valuable and highly flexible NECK. The posterior neck is accountable for the movement and support of the head. Posterior neck pain i.e. pain in the back of the neck is the most common type of neck pain.

Our neck has lots of functions to perform, which include –

  1. Supporting the head
  2. Carrying the spinal cord and spinal nerves
  3. Moving head in various planes

The various causes of Posterior neck pain –

  1. Bad posture
  2. Whiplash injury
  3. Sleeping and reading in an incorrect posture
  4. Chronic injury caused due to wearing heavy stuff on head like – heavy helmets
  5. Rheumatoid arthritis
  6. Inflammatory conditions
  7. Acute injuries

As we say, ‘There is solution to every problem’, so is with this posterior neck pain. There are many yoga poses that can treat posterior neck pain, which include –

  1. Child’s pose or Balasana 
  2. Cow Pose or Bitilasana
  3. Reclining Twist or Natraja Asana
  4. Cat Pose or Marjaryasana
  5. Extended Triangle Pose or Utthita Trikonasana
  6. Legs-up-the-wall or ViparitaKarani asana
  7. Corpse Pose or Savasana

However, it is important to perform these yoga poses under proper guidance or it might worsen the condition.

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Written By: Dr. Harman

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