Take Charge Of Your Health With These Top 5 DIY Health Monitors

Take Charge Of Your Health With These Top 5 DIY Health Monitors

Healthcare needs are ever-increasing and with Do-It-Yourself in the air, you have lots of options too. You can take charge of your health with the help of health monitors and devices that you can wear. Now, there are a range of medical devices that you can wear and enjoy your health management. 


Here are 5 best health monitors and devices you can wear for general health:
  • Weighing Scale

    Weight management is essentially an important part of a healthy lifestyle. So get a weighing scale and make sure you and your family maintain a healthy weight.

  • Digital Thermometer

    Digital thermometer helps to check the body temperature when you feel sick. Noting correct temperature rises with time can help in guiding the need for fever medicines, medical consultation and can also aid in analyzing the possible condition.

  • Blood Pressure Monitor

    High and low blood pressure, both are a matter of concern. Have a blood pressure monitor at home and so that you can easily check your blood pressure. It is easy to read and you can plan to consult your physician if required.

  • Blood glucose Monitor

    This is best to monitor blood sugar levels for those having diabetes and undergoing treatment. It is also useful if you are health conscious and wish to have regular blood sugar check at home.

  • Pulse Oximeter

    This is a simple, easy to use monitor that reads oxygen saturation (SPO2) in your body and pulse rate. It is useful for those having respiratory troubles, those taking oxygen therapy and as advised by your physician.

You can use these health monitors to check your health status and seek medical advice if required.


Written By: Dr. Snehal

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