Are You Tired of Unruly and Frizzy Hair? Tips for Soft and Silky Hair

Are You Tired of Unruly and Frizzy Hair? Tips for Soft and Silky Hair

Soft hair is a dream for many of us and is a sign of beauty. Our lifestyle, diet and many times the weather can damage one’s soft lustrous hair. Some have dry hair, while some have oily hair, and the texture is different too. Dry hair often appears dull with no shine and needs gentle care.

Find these tips to soften your hair and make them dance it to your tune

Oil your hair 

Make sure you apply oil to your scalp and gently massage with your fingers. Leave it for a few hours or overnight before you wash your hair. You may use coconut oil as it can provide good nourishment.

Shampoo your hair 

Use a shampoo which is meant for dry hair. Gently apply over your scalp and wash off. Wash your hair with lukewarm water, shampoo and wait for few minutes, before you wash hair completely. Avoid using extremely hot water.

Condition your hair 

Use a suitable conditioner after shampooing. You can use conditioners meant for dry hair or natural hair. You may also try simple conditioning in between without shampooing. Using homemade remedies like egg yolk beaten with olive oil, plain yogurt or aloe vera extracts as conditioners can also give you positive results.

Read about natural conditioners for healthy hair.

Treat your condition 

If you have dandruff, hair fall, skin concerns or any medical conditions, it is worth consulting a doctor. Sometimes diseases caused due to nutritional deficiencies like anemia and other medical illnesses can also affect the quality of hair.

Try these tips and look great with soft, silky and lustrous hair.

Written by: S. Singh

Edited by: A. Kumar

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