Warning! Text Messaging is the Brand New Enemy For Neck Pain Sufferers

Warning! Text Messaging is the Brand New Enemy For Neck Pain Sufferers

Smartphone is an important gadget and it has become a necessity of our life. A person can forget eating his daily meal but they cannot forget to carry their smartphone ever. Discovery of mobile phone has made our lives easier.  We have become so dependent on it that we cannot survive even an hour or so without this device. When we bend our necks to type a text or read messages, pressure is caused by our head on the spine. People spend many hours continuously on their smartphones. This is called as smartphone addiction.

Slight bend is not a problem, but if your bend increases to 45 degrees, it can create problems. When we stay in such a posture for longer periods of time, it can produce cervical and neurological disorders. Excessive strain on the neck can produce damage to the spine and it can cause irreparable loss. It may produce numbness of fingers and pain in the shoulders and arms. People who live a sedentary life should take regular breaks and perform neck exercises to avoid this problem.

Text neck syndrome results if you type a lot of texts on your mobile and/or while playing games, by emailing your friends and clients. It is a combination of such things that we do on our smartphones.  As you spend more and more time on your smartphone, it increases the risk of text neck syndrome. When the tissue of your neck is stretched for a long period of time, it becomes inflamed and sore to touch. Forward bending of head not only produces neck problems, but it can also produce metabolic disorders. Thus, smartphone addiction is believed to be a major cause behind text neck syndrome. It can be easily prevented by avoiding typing or playing games for long hours on your smartphone.

The technology is for making our life easy and not for bringing pain. So, use your gadget smartly without becoming a prey and enjoy them for the whole of your life.

Written By: Dr. Harman
Edited By: C. Soni


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