Discover The Reason Behind Hernia Occurring Again And Again

Discover The Reason Behind Hernia Occurring Again And Again

What is a Hernia ?

hernia is a tear when abdominal content or tissues protrude through a weak opening in the abdominal wall. It can be felt like a lump and occurs in the abdomen, groin region or around a previous surgery incision.
Hernias need to be treated with surgical procedure depending on the type, location and severity of the condition.

What causes Hernia ?

Hernias are known to bulge through weak areas, as they can be easily damaged. Some areas in the abdominal wall may become weak due to repeated strain on the abdominal muscles, surgical procedures and incisional scars. These weak areas may be formed during the course of life and hence, complaints related to hernia may be noticed after middle age.


Risk Factors of Hernia

Some of the risk factors of hernia include aging, injury to the abdominal wall, previous abdominal surgery, previous hernia or history of family members having hernia.Premature birth or improper closure of abdominal wall during embryonic development, too can increase the risk.

Most of these conditions and risks remain even when hernia in one part is treated. Hence, the risk still persists.If lifestyle factors are not considered and other existing medical conditions are not treated, the chances of recurrence of hernia increases.

Situations like smoking, lifting heavy weights, rigorous physical activity, obesity, constipation, straining for bowel movements, forceful coughing exert pressure on the abdominal walls. This can create or worsen already existing weak areas and facilitate herniation.

Managing Hernia or Hernia Treatment

In order to prevent a hernia from occurring or recurring, it is essential to modify lifestyle, stop smoking, reduce strenuous activity and lifting heavy objects. Seek medical opinion for chronic constipation, smoking, chronic coughing, etc. and get these conditions treated to avoid further problems.

Written by: Dr. Snehal
Edited by: C. Soni

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