Places You And Your Dermatologist Should Check For Skin Cancer

Places You And Your Dermatologist Should Check For Skin Cancer

We all know that we should make use of good quality sunscreen every now and then; and we all know that most of us are too lethargic about it. So, what’s the next step? It is recommended that we all should visit a dermatologist at least once a year and get ourselves checked for skin cancer. The most common type of cancer, skin cancer is guileful and may reside at the most awkward places on our body. Hence, make sure your dermatologist checks these unexpected places besides face and other superficial investigations during your next visit.

Some of the places to check include –

Scalp – This type of cancer usually happen on the part of the body that is capable of producing pigment, which also includes our Scalp.

Eyelids – If you are regular with your eye-checkups, then you can even request your eye-specialist to check your eyelids for skin cancer. About 5 to 10% of the skin cancers are found on the eyelids, hence you shouldn't skip these parts.

Ears and area behind them – We usually miss our ears when it comes to putting sunscreen, and this is especially true for people with long hair. But, one should abstain from this mistake and get his/her ears and area behind them checked by the doctor.

Mouth – Sores are common issues, but if they remain for more than two weeks, it becomes imperative to get them checked and tested for skin cancer.

Armpits – The underarms and lymph nodes are the first to get under the attack of Melanoma. Hence, it is good to get them checked regularly.

Nails – Make it a point to remove all traces of nail paint when you are going for your appointment with your dermatologist. The reason being simple, with nail paint on, your doctor will not be able to do the checkup effectively.

Butt and privates – For getting your butt and privates checked by the doctor, it is important that you are comfortable with him/her.

Toes – Don’t even imagine that the sunlight will spare your toes, so get the skin between the toes examined by the doctor.

Written by: Dr. Harman
Edited by: C. Soni


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