Palming Exercise – The Easiest Way For Relieving Strain From Eyes

Palming Exercise – The Easiest Way For Relieving Strain From Eyes

Staring at the computer screen can cause strain to our precious eyes. In severe cases, it may lead to burning sensation in eyes that may be followed by pounding headaches. Here in this blog we are discussing one of the simplest exercises that does not require any extra effort and can be done at home or workplace to bring relief to the strained eyes.

William Horatio Bates, an American ophthalmologist developed a technique named Palming almost a century ago. The basic idea behind this technique is that most people can get relaxed eyes, shut in the dark.

The Technique goes like this -

  • Get comfortable while sitting in a chair. Place something (books or cushions) on the table and rest your elbows on them. The level should bring your palms directly to your eyes, without needing to lean your body forward. The head and back should be straight.
  • Make heat while rubbing both your palms together and then place your palms over your eyes with fingers overlapping over the forehead. There should not be any pressure on the eye-balls and palms should be set like they are cupping the whole eyes. Make sure to minimize the light entering the eyes, feel the darkness. However, you should breathe comfortably through your nose. Don’t make the position too tight.
  • Feel the warmth from your palms while deep breathing. Imagine and feel the darkness beyond your eyes and remain in the position as much as you want.

This technique can be repeated ‘N’ number of times and at any time of the day. So, indulge in palming and give your eyes the pleasure of relaxation.

Written by: Dr. Harman
Edited by: C. Soni

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