Menstrual Cramps Remedies

Menstrual Cramps Remedies

Cramps during menstruation are common among all age groups of women during their menstruation cycle. These cramps may begin few days prior and may last during that period. This pain may be severe enough to disturb your daily routine. Many women going through this agony are in search of some easy tips to manage menstrual cramps.

Tips to curb Menstrual Cramps:

Rest and Relax:

Take rest when pain is unbearable and preferably lie down, supporting your back. Relax in a soothing environment, you can listen to soft music or take a short nap.

Essential Oils:

You can make use of aromatherapy or essential oils to create a calming environment preferably along with a warm bath or a gentle massage.

Heat Therapy:

Apply warm compresses, hot water bag or heat pad to the back and lower abdominal region, therefore, relieving pain and discomfort.


Yoga poses and breathing techniques can be performed regularly to gain better control over your body and mind. They are best performed under the guidance of an expert.

Go Herbal:

Herbs like ginger, cinnamon or herbal tea can be refreshing and above all helps in relieving the pain. These herbal drinks can also be added to everyday diet to improve overall health of the body.


Performing exercises regularly and being physically active during the rest of the month helps to gain control over menstrual pain. Participate in sports activities or take up walking, swimming, jogging or cycling as a routine during the in-between period. Regular aerobic exercise also keeps you in good form. Also, it helps keep chronic pain, menstrual cramps and overall stress at bay.

Take measures to manage your stress and practice some stress management techniques to keep you relaxed. If the pain persists, get a medical evaluation done.

Written by: S. Singh

Edited by: S. Soni


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