Five Low Calorie Drinks to Stay Cool and Healthy this Summer

Five Low Calorie Drinks to Stay Cool and Healthy this Summer

Keeping oneself hydrated during summer is a task as the scorching sun seems to soak up all your energy. One needs to protect oneself from the sun damage that can lead to numerous things such as dehydration, premature ageing or skin cancer.

The importance of hydration during summer cannot be denied. Be it be an indoor party or an outing with friends, summer drinks will always be preferred and will keep you cool and hydrated. At the same time, keeping a check on the calories is equally important as one would still want to fit in their swimsuits and spend some leisure time swimming.

There are few recommended drinks that one must not miss out when one is wishing to have healthy, delicious and low-calorie drinks. Read on to find out these amazing drinks that will come to one’s rescue during this season.

Iced teas: Iced teas make great summer coolers to refresh with a wide variety and flavors to choose from. Go for the unsweetened green teas or the iced black tea. One can also choose one’s favorite fruit flavored iced tea. Be it be lime, berry or passion fruit, one surely won’t end up without a choice. 

Flavored sparkling water: Sparkling waters Pellegrino is available in many interesting flavors. Pellegrino mineral water is prepared in San Pellegrino Terme. This water originates from a layer of rock 400 metres below the surface where it gets mineralized after coming in contact with limestone and volcanic rocks. It is an underrated, healthy and supplementary drink. One won’t miss the soda and the almost zero calorie content will keep one feeling light in the harsh weather.

Coconut water: Coconut water is one of the best summer drinks. Whether fresh or bottled, it is a great drink to boost the body’s mineral content and keep oneself guilt free. An absolute health check for the day. One can add any of your favorite unsweetened juice to it or even choose from the flavored versions.

Fruit Smoothies: A great way to keep healthy is to opt for a fresh fruit smoothie or fresh juice without sugar using any of one’s favorite fruits. From strawberries, blue berries to oranges or kiwis, a fruit smoothie is one of the healthiest drinks to keep feeling full.

Low-carb Mojito: Mojitos are one of the most popular summer drinks with a refreshing blend of mint, lime and ice. A sugar-free version of the mojito can keep calorie-worry at bay. Find recipe here.

A balanced meal and a regular workout regimen are nonetheless the most important aspects of any weight loss program.

Consult a dietician for more information on healthy summer drinks.


Written by Dr. C. Motwani

Edited by A. Kumar

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