All you need to know about National Health Center Week

All you need to know about National Health Center Week

What is National Health Center Week?

The second week of August of every year is dedicated to recognize the contribution of community, migrants, homeless and Public Housing Health Centers in the USA, which is known as National Health Center Week. Furthermore, it is an annual celebration with the goal of enhancing the mission and accomplishments of America’s health centers over the past 5 decades. Also, a good quality of Health Care is maintain among all the patients, with different ailments and various medical backgrounds.

The theme of  National Health Center Week 2018 is Celebrating Health Centers: Home of America’s Health Care Heroes. Celebrating the week from 12th of August to 18th of August, 2018.

Some facts about NHCW are:

  • Each year a week is set aside. For the reason that, the Health Centers dedicates the healthcare services to special population.
  •  Above all, the Health Centers are the topmost health care centers, as well as the most effective medical provider.
  • In 2014, the President of the United States issued a Presidential Proclamation to recognize National Health Center Week.


Objectives of National Health Center Week are:

  • It enhances the existence and profile of Migrants and Homeless, and Public Housing Centers.
  • Also, maintains a community pride.
  • Thus, it builds a support for the health centers program.

Similarly, It provides an ideal time to celebrate the record of success and deliver high quality, cost-effective,  and accessible medical care across the nation. One in every fifteen people living in the USA depends on health center services.

Most noteworthy, the health centers are the best health providers in the nation. They give health assistance to everyone and anyone, irrespective of their financial or insurance status.

Hence, each year the celebration recognizes the contribution of Health Center for the special community.

Finally, adding a new element this year, which is the addition of focused days, which will allow for more opportunities.


NHCW Focus Days:

Day Date Focus Day
Sun 12-Aug-18 Legislative Appreciation Day
Mon 13-Aug-18 Honoring Health Center Heroes
Tue 14-Aug-18 Public Housing Health Centers Day
Wed 15-Aug-18 Healthcare for the Homeless Day
Thu 16-Aug-18 Agricultural Worker Health Day
Fri 18-Aug-18 Patient Appreciation Day
Sat 19-Aug-18 Children’s Health Day

Come and join hands together to support America’s healthcare heroes as they provide healthcare homes to millions. Thus, produces innovative solutions to the most pressing health care issues in their communities.


Written by: A. Tripathi

Edited by: J. Dias


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