Head Lice - Things you need to know about it

Head Lice - Things you need to know about it

Head Lice can be a very annoying and irritating complaint for many parents. Kids are likely to experience this. Head lice are small insects found in human hair and they thrive by sucking blood from the scalp. They bite, which causes itching and, when scratched can lead to skin infection.

It is important to get rid of lice as they grow rapidly, multiply and lay eggs called nits.

Know How Lice Spread

They do not cause disease, but can easily spread from one’s hair to the other and multiply there. A child having lice in the hair is often seen scratching the head to find relief.

Lice can also thrive on items of personal use like combs, bed sheets, rugs and unwashed clothes. Head Lice commonly spread more in group settings, classrooms, daycare facilities where children are closely placed or share personal items. Even pets may have lice.

Managing Head Lice

  • Educate kids about head lice and discourage them from sharing personal items, combs, brushes, and other items.
  • Avoid persons or kids having head lice and stay away from their personal items, in particular.
  • Combing hair with a wet hairbrush can help to remove the lice and nits. Some specialized lice combs, with fine teeth, are also available to remove the tough ones.
  • Keeping hair clean, oiling and washing regularly can help to keep your hair clean.
  • Regularly check child’s hair and bed sheets, clothes, and comb for lice. Remove any lice or nits.

Lice treatments include the use of oil, shampoo or other products containing medicines that kill lice. It is advisable to consult your physician for the same.


Written by: Dr. S. Singh

Edited by: S. Ray

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