How to Identify Hormonal Imbalances in Women?

How to Identify Hormonal Imbalances in Women?

What is PCOS?

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is the most common sign of a teenage girl with a hormonal imbalance. However, besides PCOS there are many other visible symptoms that indicate underlying hormonal imbalances like –

Irregular menstrual cycle

–The normal menstrual cycle is of 28 or 30 days (plus minus few days). This cycle may suffer some irregularity due to stress, medication or medical illness. Though, if you are still experiencing this delay of the menstrual cycle every month, then this is a point of concern and you should immediately visit a gynecologist to look for a hormonal imbalance.

Excessive facial hair

– It is normal to have facial hair. Furthermore, having them excessively with their texture becoming coarse day by day, then you should get yourself investigated for polycystic ovary syndrome.


– For teenagers and young adults, having acne is a natural process wherein the sebaceous glands become increasingly sensitive to the hormone raging through the body. Even, if you are excessively prone to acne that too along the jawline, then it becomes imperative to undergo a test for hormonal imbalance.


Acanthosis nigricans is the clinical name for pigmentation on the sides of the neck and in body folds. The dark, patchy lines of pigmentation indicate the person is resistant to insulin.

The hair on the lower tummy

– Excessive hair from navel to the pubic bone can be a sign of hormonal imbalance.

Trouble in shedding pounds

– When a person experiences a hormonal imbalance, his/her weight increases. Thus, losing these extra pounds become excessively difficult.

These were some of the symptoms that necessitate an investigation for hormonal imbalance, however, you should always consult a specialist if you have any doubt of being suffering from hormonal imbalance, as the situation can be the onset of a major illness.


Written by: Dr. H. Kaur

Edited by: S. Jha

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