Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month - August

Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month - August

Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month August has been dedicated to the safety of every child around the world those fighting with eye injuries and a loss of vision. So this month provides a better opportunity to save them from the danger of losing their eyesight.

One of 20 children ages 3 to 5 has a vision problem that could result in permanent vision if left untreated. Despite this unsettling statistics, 80 percent of preschoolers do not receive an eye screening. Children’s Eye Health and Safety Awareness Month encourage parents to learn how to protect their child’s eyesight. Save your child’s eyesight from vision-threatening conditions through regular eye exams, hence early detection and proper treatment.

Common signs of vision troubles in children include:

  1. Frequently rubbing eyes,
  2. Squinting, tilting or turning head to look at objects,
  3. Wandering eyes, or squeezing eyes.

If your child displays any of these symptoms, please schedule an appointment with an Ophthalmologist to have their eyes checked.

Given over this month to Children’s eye health and safety it encourages parents to protect and get educated and learn how they should protect their child’s eyesight. Prevention of wearing an eyewear can prevent an eye injury!

Follow these tips to protect the eyesight of a child:

1. Ask your kid to have a habit of washing their hands regularly.
2. As safety comes first, wear glasses, goggles and face shield while playing any sport.
3. Knives and other kitchen utensils should be out of their reach.
4. If they play games on the computer, take regular breaks to minimize eye strain.
5. Regularly visit the Optometrist or doctor.

1. Avoid rubbing of eyes.
2. Hold books too close or too far.
3. Pushing of head forward while watching television.
4. Avoid playing with sharp toys.

The Main Objectives:

1. Spreading information on a healthy vision for the children :

The surrounding that builds a positive atmosphere for the child to have included in an activities gears them towards family-friends that helps adults to take care of their child’s eyesight and keep them healthy and fresh.

2. Parents should know the early detection of vision child is facing:

Check the vision of a child before a certain growing age. Lazy eye can be treated well only if started at an early stage as successful treatment is rarely achieved.

3. To raise awareness about eye injuries that children face:

Regular sports activities often are the cause of eye injuries. It can happen to more than 10,000 children wherein one-third of these injuries occur in children under the age of 8 to 9 years old.

4. The eyesight of a child needs to be saved:

Parents should be given proper information regarding the loss of eyesight. Also, they need to understand that, it is their responsibility to keep their child’s eyesight healthy. And obtain early treatment if any problem regarding the above situation occurs.

Plan children’s yearly wellness check-ups and eye examinations to protect them from harm. Provide safe toys, environments, and always have them in adult supervision.

Save Vision, Save Life!


Written by: J. Sangma
Edited by: S. Jha

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