Trying to Lose Weight ? Find Best Weight Loss Tips

Trying to Lose Weight ? Find Best Weight Loss Tips

In an age, where staying fit has become a norm, every morsel of food going inside your body has to justify its purpose. Losing weight isn’t that quick and easy but if you try these weight loss tips, it will help you get started in your weight loss journey. Weight loss is not only about eating less and working more instead it is about setting a balanced diet lifestyle for yourself. So, choose a healthy lifestyle that will help you manage your weight over a longer period of time.

Weight Loss Tips

Set realistic goals; then plan your diet and exercise regime. You must not overdo anything because consider your health first and consult a physician .

Healthy breakfast should be an everyday routine. Oatmeal or scrambled eggs (a dish of eggs made by beating them and then cooking and stirring gently) are great to start with.

Pack your lunch with loads of veggies and avoid packaged or processed foods and drinks also eat seasonal and locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Snack on fruits, salads, sprouts, nuts, seeds and avoid high calorie foods like cookies, pizza, pasta, biscuits, bread or chips. Avoid juices and eat whole fruits. Chewing fruits and vegetables is healthier as the fibres remain intact.

Replace sodas and colas with water, buttermilk (a sour dairy drink made from curd), tender coconut water or green tea. Reduce the intake of fatty and sugary drinks.

Intake of beverages like coffee or tea two-three times a day is fine. But it should not be the first thing to take in the morning or on an empty stomach. Instead, begin your day with warm water, as it helps boost immunity.

Eat in a relaxed environment, staying focused; avoid watching television or other distractions.

Stay active; go walking or jogging everyday to digest better and exercise at least thrice a week to stay fit.

Have a relaxed night’s sleep and avoid sleeping during daytime. Stay away from stress to avoid untimely eating and involve yourself  in activities that you enjoy doing.

Food should not make you scared or worried, food should actually make you feel good. Do not abstain from eating any food group.

There is no fixed proportion for how much you should eat. Eat when you are hungry and stop when you stomach feels full. Let your stomach guide you.

Include coconut in your diet. It has zero cholestrol. Coconut can be consumed in varied forms either scraped coconut, coconut water or milk.

Replace sugar with a low-calorie substitute and limit your consumption of salt.

Find a work-out and diet buddy to share your weight loss progress with. This helps you to stay motivated. Working in pairs or groups helps you set goals and work harder to achieve them.

Golden rule - do not keep counting the calories, instead observe and consider the nutrients in the food you eat.

To consult a dietitian to help you shed those extra kilos consult doctors online at I Online Doctor.


Written by Dr. S Singh

Edited by A. Kumar

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