Before going ahead with a nose job, know the risks first

Before going ahead with a nose job, know the risks first

What is Rhinoplasty ?

Rhinoplasty is any kind of plastic surgery which is performed on the nose. To enhance the appearance of the nose, this facial cosmetic procedure is done which colloquially is called a ‘nose job’.

Today’s generation is preoccupied with it due to the obsession of perfect features and physical appearance. With celebrities undergoing nose surgeries, it has even garnered attention in the public domain.

Risks to consider before going ahead for the nose surgery

There are various risks and complications that are connected with the procedures of Rhinoplasty which you ought to be aware of before you actually go ahead with the surgery. The risks associated with this procedure are both medical and cosmetic.

  • Abnormal shape – There is a possibility of having an strange or crooked shaped nose. This strange or abnormal shape does not relate to a botched treatment but instead by your own particular anatomical condition. This happens as an aftereffect of thin cartilage in the nose. When you have this abnormal shaped nose it can look nothing less than a squeezed tip. This squeezed tip suits selected faces, leaving others with a nose that scoops out or even ends up looking like a beak. To cure this, a second surgery is normally required and incorporates the utilization of an implant to redress the issue.
  • Reaction to anesthesia – It is additionally conceivable to have a reaction to the anesthesia that might be utilized during the surgical procedure. So it is imperative to consult with your specialist before the surgery to verify that you are not at risk of having an adverse reaction to the sedative.
  • Functional issues – There may be additional complications with the airway as well as excessive bleeding that may require the nasal packing to stop. A nasal packing is the plugging of sterile tampon in the nasal chambers in order to stop bleeding. It has likely been the case that it can bust a vein in your nasal passage as a consequence of the procedure.
  • Depression – Another common risk associated with rhinoplasty that can result due to unsatisfactory nasal appearance.

Moreover, other likely perils post rhinoplasty are:- infection, discoloration, internal scars, complete loss of your sense of smell and loss of structural support to the nasal passageway. Keloid scarring is yet another repercussion of the surgery where the patient is left with a keloid. A keloid or keloid scar is a tough, humped scar that appears on the skin surface. It has a pink or purple tinge and is smooth on the surface. It is usually asymmetrical without a defined shape and expands over time. Unlike scars, Keloids do not contract.  


Written by: Dr. H Kaur

Edited by: A. Kumar

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