About Us

At I Online Doctor, we envision that in the not too distant future, telemedicine and/or mobile Health (mHealth) will become integral part of healthcare delivery system.

Keeping this in mind we have developed our Mobile Application with aim to provide a platform for patients to connect with Certified Medical Professionals via Secure Video Call. We provide non-emergency affordable healthcare consultations through our worldwide network of medical professionals. We are a business designed for people seeking affordable access to medical and healthcare information from medical professionals. Our mission is to make access to a doctor simple and affordable for everyone.

Compassion. Innovation. Dedication

At I Online Doctor, we are dedicated to make healthcare delivery affordable and accessible to everyone, overcoming boundaries and limitations of traditional healthcare delivery methods.

We hope to provide patient outreach to those underserved or physically out of reach through our mobile application and thereby make access to a Doctor simple and affordable.

We use the latest in communication technology to establish a connection to link patients to certified Medical Professionals through our simple and easy to use interface available in the form of Mobile Application to both smartphone and Tablet users.

The Team

Our Team is built of enthusiastic, dedicated and exceptional individuals. We are dedicated to our Mission and continuously are looking for innovative and out of the box ideas to bring revolution to the traditional healthcare delivery and make access to Doctor simple and affordable for all.